Monday, November 20, 2006

Pacman, El Terrible Congrats!

A victory to all Filipinos, makes us all proud. Pabalato :P (8M USD)

A had a weird feeling watching the game yesterday. I felt sad for Morales, honestly I hate boxing because you actually see how a man fall, as in literally speaking fall and their whole world too at that moment, plus blood and pasa sa mukha.

On the 3rd round after Morales received all the punches from Pacquiao, he fall and surrender by shaking his head. My heart just broke into two looking at his blank innocent charming face. I would rather see Morales knock-out than consciously saying “NO”. How could a man accept his defeat in front of the whole world, di ka pa naman talaga lowbat, umurong na agad ang bayag mo. I think Morales just did his best in this fight if he retired now there’s no regret, I also consider him a true winner. Anyone care? hehehe

To my El Terrible, i'm so proud of you too… Pabalato din :P


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