Saturday, November 11, 2006

My name is . . .

My tatay named me after his favorite band the beatles song “Michelle”, he is also the one who choose my kuya’s name “Geoffrey” that he saw on an English film. My nanay named my ate “Vilma” coz Vilmanian sya, that’s how our parents named us their three kids.

Anyway, when I’m still younger I’ll never forget how my tatay listens to beatles, when it’s my name playing he will sing along pa, then he will turn the volume full max and call me, when I look at him smiling parang nakakaloko, I will smile back and go away, “what’s that noise tatay ko talaga” yung ang isip ko nun but now that memory is the sweetest for me.

Now I’m sure that he’s the only man who would never hurt me.

My father died April 17, 1992 at age 42.

It’s been 14 years since he left us, there are times I missed him so much. During college my ate will be home on weekends and always make sure that she has something sweet as pasalubong for tatay, sweets are my tatay’s favorite. I was only high school then and still living with them, but now tatay I can buy you all the sweets you want, i'll give everything you wished if I can to please you, wag lang pantaya sa sabong hehehe.

He’s now in heaven. I hope you’re happy. I love you tatay.


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