Monday, August 28, 2006

What's in my Blog?

I'll write down not-so-important/special events of my beautifull life here, baka kc makalimutan ko ang mga nangyari sa akin . . like di na nga pala ako virgin eep!, atbp. My life events?.. what about it? malalaman nyo lang na mababaw lang ako hahehihohu.

Another reason is baka I have talent to write pala, me pagka gifted child nga kc ako oh wag na kontra di naman ako sila na nakapuna. I have the looks sabi ng nanay ko, im smart sarap ko daw kausap sabi ng pamangkin kong 3 years old, im a gud dancer & I can sing well ask my bf, im sexy a proportional body at 5’6 height (gee im still working for it), kumakain din ako ng apoy at tumutulay sa alambre:P Beauty & brains drama ng lola nyo, cge na pagbigyan nyo na ko please minsan lang naman eh, ookeeey.

Like what other frustrated writer do, they write here to have a chance na madiscoverish. This is a great opportunity for me. Me me me! (ala donkey in Shrek). Joke lang di ako writer at lalong di rin ako frustrated!

I plan (take note plan pa lang kc di pa ko decided lol) to use this as my motivation to loose weight. I’ll inform you once in a while the progress of my diet, my weight, waist line etc.

I work abroad so most of my posts will be in tagalog to practice our national language which I hardly use here. Please understand if sumtyms mg-Taglish ako kc it’s really hard for me to use pure tagalog grabe. Ok ok… truthfully my fellow friends & countrymen my beloved teacher in the English subjects during my youngest years in skul bukol is not anybody but Jimmy Santos, acheche! Basta sulat ako english or tagalog, kung ano feel ko, teka can u read cantonese?

Anyways I wish you could have fun reading my blogs, so I could gain some friends.

Will you be back to read my next blog? Sweetness! Hugs! Mwah!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Welcome sa aking bahay pukyutan

hehehe well well well heres my first entry testing lang muna

Ako ang babaeng bubuyog. mahilig yumugyog. sa bulaklak ng tembentol. di ko rin alam yun. BAW!